Sundae on Sunday

Getting bored of normal ice cream ? Here is a historical place that foodies must visit. It is located in Jalan Veteran I No. 20 Jakarta. The restaurant is called “ Ragusa Es Italia “

People may ask “Why should I go there ?”. Well, if you ask that, you’re going to know soon.

First things first. Why historical ? It is because it has an old age. It was made in 1932, far before Indonesia’s independence day. Besides that, the architectures are very unique and it is ancient as well. Some say the interiors were made by VOC. The chairs are made from cane and guess what ? It was handmade.

So on Sunday, I went to an ice cream cafe after visiting ‘Museum Gajah’. The cafe is called “Ragusa Es Italia”. It was there since 1932. So it’s been about 84 years. Ragusa was established by two Italian people, Luigie Ragusa and Vincenzo Ragusa. There is a story behind the making of this cafe.

So Luigie Ragusa and Vincenzo Ragusa went to Batavia at the year 1930 to study needlework at the central jakarta. After they graduated, they went to Bandung and met a European woman who had a ranch full of cows. She gave a lot of milk to them which Lugie and Vincenzo use as one of the recipies to make an Italian ice cream, which unexpectadly many people keep buying it. With the help of three brothers, they build the first Ragusa in Jalan Pos ( now called Jalan Naripan ), Bandung. While working on their business, Ragusa was helped by Jo Giok Siaw, a friend in the sewing school.

One of the five brothers, Francesco Ragusa married with Jo Giok Siaw’s daughter named Liliana. On 1970, they hand over their buisness to Liliana’s brother named Buntoro Kurniawan and Sias Mawarni, his wife.

This Italian ice cream company sells seven basic flavours, which are : chocolate, vanilla, mocca, strawberry, nougat, durian and rum raisin. There are some combined flavours too. The names of the ice creams are unique. One of them is called spaghetti ice cream.

The spaghetti ice cream has a shape of a long pasta, called spaghetti, but it is not a spaghetti flavoured ice cream. It is a vanilla ice cream that has a shape of spaghetti and some toppings that make it look like a spaghetti

If you’re hungry, you can buy some foods nearby Ragusa Es Italia. They work together with the street vendors in front of the restaurants. Mostly, they sell traditional foods such as fried rice, fried noodle, ‘Gado – Gado’, ‘Asinan’ and so much more ?

So now, you know where to go when you need some refreshments, right ?



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