An Absolute Movie Freak !

Movies. Who doesn’t like movies ? For me, myself, I am an absolute MOVIE FREAK !! Why ? That’s because I love watching films. That is one of my best mood booster for life. Without movies, my life would be very boring…  Almost every weekend, I go to cinemas with my family to watch new titles that were released on that week. By doing that, it keeps me updated to newest movies…

Talking about movies, one of my favourite title is ‘Sing’. It is a musical animation motion picture. It was just released by 8th of December in Indonesia. Yesterday, I watched the movie and I love it.

Why do I like the movie ?

I like the movie for many reasons. First, I love the flow of the story. It is so organized and that makes the audience understands the movie. Besides the flow of the story, I also like the movie because of the moral. It has a very good moral which is : never give up to do anything that you like. There is one quote I like from the movie. It is :

“ Don’t let fear stop you from doing thing you love“ – Buster Moon


I really recommend you to watch this movie, if you haven’t watch it.

While watching the movie, I cried a lot, laughed a lot and sing a lot too, as this is a musical movie. Some of the characters in the movie are : Buster Moon, Rosita, Mike, Ash, Johnny, Meena and so much more.


Some of the characters, left to right : Buster Moon, Mike, Johnny, Rosita                            Courtesy of

Am I addicted to movies ?                                                                                                                         Yup, Absolutely! Now, maybe some people think that watching movies may disturb our studies… Especially, maybe parents. They forbid their kids to watch movies too often… I am not saying that we should watch movies every time, but maybe some of us didn’t realize the benfits of watching movie… Some of the advantages are :

  1. It can improve your vocabulary
  2. Makes you creative and imaginative
  3. Makes you learn some lessons ( from the moral messege of the movie )
  4. Gives you inspirations
  5. For entertainment

How does watching movie change my life?

Movies changed my life in a lot of ways. I became more creative and imaginative. I leaned so many lessons from all movies that I have watched all these times. It makes me feel blessed even more to the Almighty God.

Why am I a movie freak ?

First of all, I think that’s because of genes. My father is a super movie freak that he knows every details in movies. So since I was small, he took me to cinemas to watch movies. He did that even before I could walk. Maybe the first time I went to a cinema is when  I was 8 months old.

Which is better ? Home or cinema ?

Everybody has different oppinions about which is better. But for me myself, I’d rather watch movies in cinemas as it felt more realistic. Maybe it is beacause of the speakers everywhere and also the comfortable seat.

Bonus pictures :


One of the funniest part of the movie             courtesy of, Charol Rabbanal Rabbanal


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